beyondtheed asked:
I love Summer's wittle sockies in that store picture. <3 You do an amazing job of picking cute clothes for her. I could never do that my poor kids will have do deal with no fashion sense at all.

Thank you love :)

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Her hair is becoming more and more blonde by the day :( I’m going to miss her little ginger hair!! But she’s still a little angel 😍

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Anonymous asked:
Summer's grown so much. She is still adorable as ever though. I'm glad that she is doing well now and smiling a lot. Will you keep updating us on her? I'm really curious to see how she does as she grows up to be just as amazing as her momma.

I’m glad she’s doing better too. But of course I will keep you all updated! An 8 and a half month old is super crazy so I get caught up in it sometimes and forget about this! But I will definitely post pictures when I can/remember! Thanks for the love!

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Anonymous asked:
Are you with Summer's dad?

Nope. He’s long gone. But my fiance is Luke and he is Summers dad. Just not biologically. He was Nessas biological father. He’s helped us all through a lot and hes perfect. 

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Anonymous asked:
Hello! I haven't visited your blog for you so long! I saw that photo of Summer and I'm really happy she's doing alright! How are you coping with everything, Braelyn?

hello! sorry this took me so long to respond to. thank you! I’m glad shes good too :) and im still hanging in there

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Hanging with dad is the best :)

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picture of ed in the New York Times today


Mr nice guy is back , with fruits

Ed’s wine glass trick +


Ed signs a t-shirt and Stuart is, as usual, done with everything. Boston, July 2, 2014. [x]