Poor little bug is sick sick sick! 😩

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Baby has a birdy on her head :) only my brother would make her do this! Love them both.

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Anonymous asked:
You should start an Instagram for precious summer!! (If you don't already have one!) I'm sure everyone would follow it too keep up with that beautiful baby girl :)

Haha maybe! I barely have time for tumblr! But that does sound like a good idea!

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10 months old!! Love my pretty little lady :) hoping to find out this week if there’s a bun in the oven and we have a little sibling coming for her 😱

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I. Hate. This. She’s growing up so dang fast! 3 months until she is ONE!! We have gotten into the habit of calling her “ginger snap” because she’s a ginger and she’s feisty. I love my baby girl so much. But I’m missing her little sister, my angel in the sky lately 💔

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Anonymous asked:
I think this should just be a Summer appreciation blog ><

OMG hahahah! It kind of has turned into one since I’m not here much!

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Summer was less than enthusiastic about Daddy’s chicken. She thought it was her pool.

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Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street

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Yep this is happening. My little teenager, lord help me!!

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Hello followers! I need a favor!

I am in need of someone to co run this blog. With Summer getting older, she will be going to day care part time while I go back to work and I am not going to have much time to be on here! So I need someone who can come on and reblog Ed stuff and keep everyone in the loop, etc!
So.. If you are interested message me and we will set something up! It would be a huge help!
Thank you!

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